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The cost of living well

05 December 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Listed as one of the top 12 countries in the world to grow old in by the Global AgeWatch Index for three years in a row, one might think that Kiwi seniors are living the retirement dream – travelling overseas, learning new skills and pursuing often neglected hobbies – but is this true for most …

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How to spot a phoney

29 November 2018 by marketing

Phones remain a popular and lucrative weapon of choice for scammers, with the average victim in New Zealand losing $5,000. However, there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself. Bronwyn Groot, Head of Fraud Education at the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC), has extensive knowledge of the subject after spending more than …

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Staying where ‘Westies’ love best

21 November 2018 by Seniors Finance

With friends and family close at hand, a local attraction created in their own backyard and a cold beer always ready and waiting at the local RSA, Leonard Jones and his partner Janet Turner had no plans to leave the community they love – thanks to a Heartland Bank Reverse Mortgage, they haven’t had to. …

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Fraud Awareness Week

13 November 2018 by Consumer Protection

Scammers, fake charities, fraudsters, cheats. They’re constantly thinking up new ways to trick you out of your money. The internet with online banking, shopping, and social media has given criminals new opportunities and led to increasingly sophisticated scams. Sadly, each year thousands of Kiwis get caught. Some people have lost hundreds of dollars, others their …

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Putting people first

29 October 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Heartland Bank supports NZ financial regulators’ initiative to ensure banks are focussing on good customer outcomes. A Royal Commission, which is leading a wide-reaching investigation into misconduct in the Australian financial services industry, has prompted NZ-regulators – the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) – to take a look closer …

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The hidden costs of retirement

24 September 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Retirement can be expensive. It’s hard enough to calculate how much money you’ll need to live, let alone how to plan for hidden costs. Here a few common unexpected expenses and how you can plan for them.  Medical insurance Everybody knows that medical insurance premiums rise steadily with age, but they jump suddenly from 65 …

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Age of alchemy

14 August 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

An extended working life might be born out of necessity, but as well as keeping seniors engaged and providing greater financial freedom, delaying the age of retirement will provide a considerable boost to the economy over the next few decades. The Business of Ageing – Realising the economic potential of older people in New Zealand: …

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Your personal care and welfare

31 May 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Having a personal care EPA gives you the peace of mind that, should something happen that means you’re no longer able to look after yourself, you’ll have someone you love and trust stepping in to fill the breach.

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Do you have a will?

31 May 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Your family’s happiness is likely just as important to you after your life as during it. Ensuring you have a detailed, official will in place can offer peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

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Future-proofing your home for retirement

31 May 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Home is where the heart is, and retiring in their home is a common dream for many Kiwis. If you’re one of them, these renovation tips could help you future-proof your home.

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Volunteering in retirement benefits all involved

17 April 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

With fewer Kiwis taking the time to volunteer, over-65s are becoming increasingly important to their communities

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Expect the unexpected

10 April 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Losing the ability to make your own decisions is an unnerving prospect, but being prepared for a worst-case scenario can provide some peace of mind – which is why we recommend seniors consider creating an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA).

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Is a Reverse Mortgage an option for your retirement?

04 April 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Join us for afternoon tea and get the facts about how a Reverse Mortgage can help you in your retirement.

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The grandparent connection

27 March 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

It’s no secret that grandparents play a vital role in their grandkids’ lives – highly regarded anthropologist Margaret Mead proposed that connections between the generations are “essential for the mental health and stability of a nation.”

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How will you fund your retirement?

22 March 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

There are many ways to fund your retirement. Our expert, Lisa Hatfield discusses reverse mortgages, a retirement tool that is often overlooked.

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Train your brain!

05 March 2018 by Lisa Hatfield

Incorporating these simple steps into your life could help you in the fight against dementia and memory loss.

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Retirees rely on state pension as savings run out

12 December 2017 by Lisa Hatfield

Most retirees will use up their savings in just 10 years and rely solely on the state pension after that, new research suggests.

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Preparing ageing parents for retirement

30 August 2017 by Lisa Hatfield

Simple tips to help you, your siblings and your parents to be prepared.

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Staying afloat during retirement

30 August 2017 by Lisa Hatfield

Four things you can do to boost your retirement savings

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