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Acceptable bank statements for manual upload

The manual bank statement upload tool that Heartland uses for income and expense verification can verify certain statement types, from certain accounts, from certain banks.

Further down the page, you’ll be able to see the full list of the statement types, accounts and banks that the tool can accept.

What if one of my accounts isn’t on the list?

Because we need 90 days’ worth of statements from all of the accounts you transact into or from (including savings and credit card accounts), if one or more of your accounts is not on the list below, you’ll need to complete income and expense verification using bank statement retrieval instead (which can access all accounts and banks).

What is the difference between an e-statement and a transactional breakdown?

E-statements and transactional breakdowns will look different for every banking provider and account type. However, the general rule of thumb is as follows:

    • An e-statement will be your typical full statement download (or what you receive regularly via email or can see in your digital banking platform), including the bank logo, your name, account number etc.
    • A transactional breakdown would be what you get when you ‘export transactions’ from a specific account – this will look more like an unformatted spreadsheet or PDF rather than a statement, and will have transaction types, codes and reference numbers.

List of acceptable statement types, accounts and banks

Account Statement type
Go E-statement
Visa Platinum Credit Card E-statement
Visa Credit Card E-statement
Low Rate Visa Credit Card E-statement
Monthly Expenses Transactional breakdown
Home Loan Transactional breakdown
Freedom Transactional breakdown
Online Account Transactional breakdown
Low Rate Visa Transactional breakdown
Visa Transactional breakdown
Personal Loan Transactional breakdown
Airpoints Visa Platinum Transactional breakdown
Flexible Home Loan Transactional breakdown
Business Current Account E-statement
Flexible Home Loan E-statement
Account Statement type
Savings On Call Transactional breakdown
Omni Cheque Transactional breakdown
Streamline Transactional breakdown
Visa Rewards Transactional breakdown
FastSaver Transactional breakdown
Streamline E-statement
FastSaver E-statement
Tertiary E-statement
Account Statement type
Advantage Visa Platinum Credit Card E-statement
Advantage Visa Classic Credit Card E-statement
Lite Visa Credit Card E-statement
YouMoney E-statement
Everyday E-statement
CSL Cheque Account E-statement
This is us E-statement
Incoming E-statement
Account Statement type
Airpoints Mastercard Credit Card E-statement
Airpoints Platinum Mastercard Credit Card E-statement
hotpoints Platinum Mastercard Credit Card E-statement
Westpac Credit Card Credit Card E-statement
Personal Loan E-statement
Choices Transactional breakdown
Westpac Everyday E-statement
Westpac Everyday -Staff benefit account E-statement
Account Statement type
Connect Plus E-statement
Visa Classic Credit Card E-statement
Personal E-statement
Account Statement type
Compulsory Savings Account E-statement
Electronic Account E-statement
Online Account E-statement
Business Current Account E-statement
Loan Account E-statement
Current Account E-statement
Prize Draw Saver Account E-statement
Account Statement type
Low Rate Mastercard Credit Card E-statement
Mastercard Zero Credit Card E-statement
Air New Zealand Airpoints Platinum Visa Credit Card E-statement
Business Online Call Transaction
Notice Saver Transaction
Free Up Transaction
Free Up E-statement
Fast Forward Saver E-statement
Now Account E-statement
Business Edge E-statement
Bill Blaster E-statement
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