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Your identity and our commitment to keeping your money safe.

Biometrics uses facial recognition technology on your mobile phone to match your face to your ID

Why do we use biometrics?

As a bank, we must comply with New Zealand’s anti-money laundering laws. This means we must take steps to verify that you are who you say you are. To make this verification process quick and simple for you, we have invested in new facial recognition technology.

Biometrics tool using facial recognition technology on a mobile phone

How does it work?

We use facial recognition technology to biometrically match your face to the picture on your ID. In order for us to do this you will be sent a link via a text message or email from Heartland Bank. Using a mobile device you will be asked to:

  1. scan a copy of your NZ driver licence or your passport
  2. follow prompts to take a video of your face
  3. verify that the details captured off your driver licence or passport are correct
  4. confirm, amend or add your residential address
  5. this information is then verified through a third party to check and confirm your ID and address.
OriginID Logo

Who is OriginID?

OriginID is Heartland’s chosen third party provider of facial recognition technology. We wanted to find a long term partner to help us develop a facial recognition process that would be easy for our customers to use.

We chose OriginID because it is a New Zealand company committed to continuing to invest and use evolving technology to improve the biometric solution for our customers.

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Where can I find further help?

You can call your Heartland representative or call 0800 85 20 20 and choose the option to be put through to the appropriate Heartland team.

Is my data safe?

Your data is encrypted and stored in secure servers that meet international compliance standards.

Can I use my passport if I don’t have a driver licence?

Yes, we accept all passports (NZ and other nationalities). If your passport is not from NZ or Australia, we will ask you to:

  • scan a copy of your visa if you have a physical visa
  • provide some additional details if you have an electronic visa.

Are all smartphones compatible?

Unfortunately sometimes not all phones are compatible. It could be that you will need to install the latest update or the phone’s version is too old e.g. iPhone 4 or older and therefore can’t run the latest software.

What are my other options?

We think facial recognition is the fastest and easiest way for you to confirm your identity and for us to identify you. But we do have other options available if you are not comfortable using the biometrics technology, you don’t have a smartphone, your smartphone is not compatible with our software or your driver license or passport is worn or damaged.

We can accept certified copies of identification or you can contact us to discuss your options.

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