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Home Loans

1.99% p.a.
1 year fixed

Access the lowest fixed-term interest rates on the market through Heartland’s self-serve online application.

1.99% p.a. interest 1 year fixed

Save time and money with Heartland

Get the best rate while skipping the queues with Heartland Home Loans.
There’s limited availability, so get in quick.

Our rates

Choose the loan type that’s right for you, fixed, floating or a combination of both. Please note, Heartland currently only offers term home loans, not revolving credit home loans.

1 year fixed




2 year fixed




3 year fixed








Interest rates accurate as at 22/10/20

Are you eligible?

We have limited availability for Heartland Home Loans. To be eligible to apply,

you’ll need to meet the following criteria.

  • a NZ citizen or permanent resident, over 18 years old
  • looking for a home and have a 20% deposit, or already owning a home and have at least 20% equity
  • planning to live or currently living in the property
  • able to meet the repayments over the requested loan term from your salary or wages
  • able to have your income paid into a YouChoose account. We can help you open one during the application process
  • a standalone, single section house that is freehold, cross lease or on a unit title
  • owned or purchased either joint or individually (not in a trust or company).
  • located in a major centre

Heartland’s lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

How does it work?


Complete the easy, online application anytime, anywhere.


Get a decision online. No phone calls or bank visits required


We’ll confirm your details and loan structure, request any supporting documents and conduct any required checks.


Have a chat with your solicitor to finalise the loan documentation.


Once confirmed, we’ll pay the funds out as instructed.


Congratulations! Now you can get on with enjoying your home.

Calculate your repayments

We have limited availability for Heartland Home Loans and they’re likely to go fast.

Have a play with the calculator below to see what your repayments could look like.

Got questions?

Applying for a home loan isn’t always straight forward. That’s why we designed Heartland Home Loans with a simple, online application. With great rates and flexible repayment frequencies, we’re here to help you get your dream home sorted, so you can get back to what really matters to you. Welcome to doing things differently. Get to know Heartland Bank a little better.
We have a limited availability of Heartland Home Loans at this time. We have therefore put in place certain criteria that all applicants must meet. If you don’t meet these, you can always come back to us in the future as we may adjust these.
With an online application, you can save time by applying when and where you choose. There’s no need to spend time arranging appointments with mortgage managers or to go into a bank branch.
Heartland currently offers term home loans (or table loans) with floating or fixed interest rates. At this stage we do not offer a revolving credit facility for Heartland Home Loans.
No, you will not automatically be moved across to a Heartland Home Loan. However, anyone who meets our eligibility requirements is welcome to apply, including our customers with an existing home loan. To find out more about home loans that were drawn down prior to 2020, please click here.