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Thinking about refinancing your home loan? Apply online and get a decision within minutes of submitting your application.
Young family in the backyard of their new home. Enjoy your dream family home with Heartland's low home loan rates.
*Heartland Bank Limited’s responsible lending criteria, T&Cs and fees apply. No establishment fee. Interest rates are subject to change.

Our mortgage rates

Choose the loan type that’s right for you, whether fixed, floating, revolving credit or a combination of all three.





Revolving credit (floating)




1 year fixed




18 month fixed




2 year fixed




3 year fixed




Interest rates accurate as at 23/07/24

With our simple online application and flexible options, we aim to make the process of switching to a Heartland Home Loan as easy as possible. Choose our 7.99% p.a. floating rate and stay floating for 12 months, and you could also get a credit of up to $1,500.

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Are you eligible?

To be eligible to apply, you'll need to meet the following criteria.

You must be:

  • a NZ citizen or permanent resident, over 18 years old
  • looking for a home and have a 20% deposit, or already owning a home and have at least 20% equity
  • planning to live or currently living in the property
  • able to meet the repayments over the requested loan term from your salary or wages
  • able and willing to use bank statement retrieval to verify your income

The home must be:

  • a standalone, single section house or a
  • on a freehold, cross lease or on a unit title (not leasehold)
  • located in an urban centre
  • owned or purchased either joint or individually (not in a trust or company)
  • already built.

The home must not be:

  • a monolithic or plaster clad property consented before 1 January 2006.
  • an apartment

You'll also need to have your income paid into a YouChoose account, or your revolving credit account. If you don't have one, we can help you open one during the application process.

Heartland's responsible lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

How does it work?


Complete the easy, online application and bank statement retrieval anytime, anywhere.


Get a decision online. No phone calls or bank visits required


We’ll confirm your details and loan structure, request any supporting documents and conduct any required checks.


Have a chat with your solicitor to finalise the loan documentation.


Once confirmed, we’ll pay the funds out as instructed.


Congratulations! Now you can get on with enjoying your home.

Calculate your repayments

Have a play with the calculator below to see what your repayments could look like.

Got questions?

Applying for a home loan isn’t always straightforward. That’s why we designed Heartland Home Loans with a simple, online application. With great rates and flexible repayment frequencies, we’re here to help you get your dream home sorted, so you can get back to what really matters to you. Welcome to doing things differently.

Heartland Bank is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, with a whakapapa that stretches back to 1875. Get to know Heartland Bank a little better.

- A stand-alone is a free-standing residential building.
- A duplex is a residential building comprising of two homes with separate entrances.
- Terraced homes are joined with their neighbour on one or both sides to form a row, ranging from two to four stories in height.

Our eligibility requirements allow us to provide an online application, so you can apply when and where you choose and receive an initial decision online. It's also part of why we're able to offer such low interest rates. If you don't currently meet our criteria, you can always come back to us in the future, as we may adjust these.

We’re offering a $750 credit for new home loan customers who refinance more than $100,000 with Heartland at our floating interest rate (not including a revolving credit home loan) for 12 months or more. For loans over $500,000 you could be eligible for more, up to a maximum amount of $1,500 (calculated at 0.15% of the total term lending amount). At the time of drawdown, we'll transfer the credit into your YouChoose account (which we'll take you through setting up). If you refinance your loan to another lender or move your loan to a fixed interest rate with us before 12 months is up, you'll need to repay the full amount of this credit to us.

With an online application, you can save time by applying when and where you choose. There’s no need to spend time arranging appointments with mortgage managers or to go into a bank branch.
Heartland currently offers term home loans (or table loans) with floating or fixed interest rates, as well as the option of a revolving credit for extra flexibility. Learn more about Heartland’s Revolving Credit Home Loan.
No, you will not automatically be moved across to a Heartland Home Loan. However, anyone who meets our eligibility requirements is welcome to apply, including our customers with an existing home loan. Find out more about home loans drawn down prior to 2020.
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