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Bank statement retrieval

In an effort to make applying for a loan as quick and easy as possible, we've implemented bank statement retrieval technology that allows us to digitally verify income and expenses.

Bank statement retrieval technology is designed to make it easy for customers to securely submit their bank statements, and easy for Heartland to digitally verify customer income and expenses. You'll be given the option to use bank statement retrieval when applying for certain loans with us.

How does it work?


Open secure bank statement retrieval portal.


Input banking credentials for chosen provider(s).


Choose which statements to retrieve.


Statements will be sent securely to us to digitally verify.


We will be in touch with a decision on your application.

Who is illion?

illion is an award-winning third-party provider for bank statement retrieval technology. Their product is designed to help lenders remove friction from the credit application process, meaning less paperwork, less fuss and a quicker decision. illion is also a government recognised credit reporting company.

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Is bank statement retrieval secure?

Security is a high priority for both Heartland and illion. The illion retrieval technology uses 256-bit encryption, secured by 2048-bit keys, which is the same level of encryption used by most banks. This means your bank login credentials are not stored or shared with anyone (including Heartland or illion employees). Once statements have been securely collected by illion, they are sent to Heartland, and then permanently deleted.

If you've ever paid with Poli, the online debit payment option offered by certain major New Zealand vendors, you'll already be familiar with the concept of securely logging into your internet banking through a third-party provider. Bank statement retrieval is similar, but instead of making a payment, you're choosing which bank statements you want to send to a lender.

What are my other options?

Customers applying for vehicle and personal loans have the option to manually upload their last 90 days' worth of transactional and savings statements from all relevant bank accounts and providers. However, please be aware that manually providing bank statement will take longer to upload, and will take our team longer to review.

Bank statement retrieval is currently the only income verification option for customers applying for Heartland's digital and online-only home loan offering.

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