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Heartland Reverse Mortgages recognised for commitment to customers

Heartland Reverse Mortgages has been awarded Consumer Trusted accreditation for the fourth year in a row after meeting the strict Consumer Trusted Code of Conduct.

A reverse mortgage is designed to help people over 60 to access the equity they have in their home without having to sell it, all while removing the financial pressure of regular repayments. What’s more, borrowers are protected with a lifetime occupancy guarantee, so they can stay in their home as long as they choose.

Andrew Ford, Head of Reverse Mortgages at Heartland, said this award recognises the organisation’s commitment to helping New Zealanders live a more comfortable retirement.

“We work hard to provide our customers a thorough and informative process when applying for a Reverse Mortgage and a product which provides flexibility and protection. In a recent survey 96% of our customers said they were either very or extremely satisfied with their reverse mortgage.”To be awarded Consumer Trusted accreditation, businesses must meet or exceed in all nine following principals.

  1. Customer service – Exceptional customer service
  2. Returns, refunds and complaints – Putting it right
  3. Online presence – Up-to-date and informative
  4. Contracts – Fair, robust and easy to understand
  5. Pricing and payment – Clear pricing and responsible payment options
  6. Privacy and personal data – Safe and secure
  7. Advertising and promotion – Accurate
  8. Industry standards – Met or exceeded
  9. Over and above the law – Individual business commitment

Ford explained that the principals of Consumer Trusted align with Heartland’s values.

“We aim to provide our customers with a product that offers them peace of mind and financial flexibility. We’re thrilled to be recognised as Consumer Trusted for the fourth year in a row, this confirms what we already believe, we’re doing right by our customers.”

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