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Savings and Deposits

Interest goes a long way

Meeting your savings goals is easier with a bit of interest. Whatever you’re saving for, we can help. Proud to be Canstar’s Savings of Bank of Year for four years in a row.

A couple review their Heartland savings and deposit acounts online
  • Direct call

    A market-leading rate for a ‘no strings attached’ savings account.


    % p.a.
    • Simple savings account with no strings attached
    • No fees, no withdrawal penalty, no minimum balance
    • Withdrawals to any NZ bank account
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  • YouChoose

    Earn competitive interest while still making transactions.


    % p.a.
    • EFTPOS card included, and overdraft available
    • No fees
    • No minimum balance or limit on transactions
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    Get great interest and access your funds with just 32 days’ notice.


    % p.a.
    • Competitive interest rate
    • No fees
    • Save towards a goal, limiting immediate access
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    Get business funds on call and earn interest on every dollar.


    % p.a.
    • No fees, no minimum balance
    • Unlimited withdrawals to one nominated account
    • Complements transactional bank account

    Competitive rates and flexible investment terms to suit you. Get up to

    3 year term2.30

    % p.a.
    • Terms between 30 days and five years
    • No fees
    • Watch your deposit grow in the Heartland Mobile App

    Make investments in a tax-efficient way. Get up to

    3 year term2.30

    % p.a.
    • Choose between fixed or variable rates
    • Invest for between six to 60 months
    • Tax on returns capped at 28%

Got questions?

Yes – you can open a Direct Call Account or a YouChoose account online or in the Heartland Mobile App. You can also enquire into a Term Deposit or a Business Call Account online, and a consultant from our Retail team will contact you to finalise the details for your new account.
No, the New Zealand Government does not guarantee deposits made by customers with any of the banks in New Zealand.
Yes. An individual, company or trust can specify the income tax rate at which tax is deducted from the credit interest paid on their savings accounts (including the new 39% top rate of income tax). If you have not told us which tax rate to apply, we will generally apply the default rate of 33% to individuals and trusts and 28% to companies. However we have to apply a tax rate of 45% if we do not have your IRD number (even if you choose a lower rate). Further details can be found at

If you would like to update your tax details, please send us a secure message in the Heartland Mobile App or internet banking, email our team or call us on 0800 85 20 20. We are here to help.
Heartland’s most recent credit rating (May 2020) is BBB (Outlook Stable) from Fitch Ratings. A rating of BBB from Fitch Ratings is ‘investment grade’. You can read more about our rating here.
Yes, Interest is calculated daily and paid out at the end of each month. This means you get interest for everyday the funds are in the account during that month.
No, Heartland Bank became a registered bank in December 2012. We were the first New Zealand registered bank to be listed on the NZX Main Board.
No, you don’t need to visit an office to open an account. All banking activities can be done online and over the phone.

Savings Bank Award 2018 - 2021

We are proud to have won Canstar's Bank of the Year - Savings Award for four years in a row. This award recognises the institution that provides the strongest combination of products and services for savers in New Zealand.

Because your
time matters

Save time by opening some of our savings accounts in minutes from the Heartland Mobile App.

  • Open new accounts

    In real time without leaving the app.

  • Personalise

    Change the text size, colour theme and account names to suit you.

  • Notifications

    Get personalised messages with information, updates and promotions.

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We have a great team standing by to answer any of your investment questions.

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