Savings Accounts

Rate is as at 11 July 2017 but subject to change without notice. Heartland Bank's Account and Service General Terms and Conditions are available here. Interest calculated daily and compounded monthly. No minimum deposit, maximum deposit $5,000,000.

Direct Call Account

  • Funds on call
  • No fees
  • Unlimited withdrawals to one nominated account
  • Interest earned on every dollar

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Direct call account

On call
Interest paid monthly
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Savings Accounts

Heartland Bank savings accounts are a great way to put aside your money and save for your goals. We offer you varying accounts:

Heartland Saver

  • Funds on call
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly

Heartland Savings Optimiser

  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • No fees when you give 30 days' notice of withdrawals

Talk to our friendly staff about the right option for you, or click here for a copy of our latest Disclosure Statement, brochures, Product Fact Sheets and application forms.

Three ways to invest with Heartland Bank

Rate is subject to change. Terms and conditions are available here.