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At Heartland Bank, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of Kiwis by making money work for them. We believe banking shouldn’t be hard. We’re always working to integrate innovative new technology that enables you to live and bank the way you want.

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Heartland launches business loan with flexible repayments

Heartland Bank (Heartland) is excited to announce the launch of Heartland Extend, an adjustable term loan designed to help organisations take control of their cashflow.

Unlike many term loans, Heartland Extend gives businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease their regular repayment amounts as and when they need to, at no extra cost.

“This year has been a prime example of how a business’ situation can change incredibly quickly,” explains Heartland Bank CEO Chris Flood.

“We created Heartland Extend to help businesses manage their cashflow in these uncertain times, safe in the knowledge that they can lower their loan repayment amounts when times are tough and increase them again when they’re not.”

The Heartland Extend loan term is 10 years with a minimum repayment amount, but customers have the flexibility to choose higher regular repayment amounts (and therefore repay their loan sooner) – whether immediately, or as their situation changes. Similarly, they can lower their repayments down to that minimum amount at any time, at no extra cost.

Chris Flood said, “What makes Heartland Extend unique is the peace of mind it can bring businesses that need to take out a loan but aren’t sure what their situation will be like in six months, three years, or a decade from now”.

Users of the Heartland Mobile App will have the option to learn more and apply from the app. Download here, or visit the website to find out more about Heartland Extend:

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