YouChoose Rates, Fees and Legal Stuff

Overdraft interest rate – 10% p.a.

We will charge you interest on any amounts you have borrowed under your Overdraft at a floating rate of interest which, as at the Start Date, is 10% per annum but which may change from time to time. This is the only rate you will pay unless you exceed your Overdraft Limit. Interest will accrue daily on the Total Amount Owing and be debited from your Overdraft Account monthly.

The Overdraft Interest Rate may change from time to time.

Savings interest rate - 1.70% p.a.

If your Overdraft Account is in credit, we will pay you interest on that credit balance at the Savings Interest Rate of 1.70% per annum (as at the Start Date). Interest will accrue daily and be paid monthly into your Overdraft Account.

Excess interest rate - 6% p.a.

If you exceed your Overdraft Limit, we may also charge you interest at an Excess Interest Rate at 6% p.a. on any monies borrowed over and above your Overdraft limit.

Fee schedule

Schedule of standard fees and charges applied to your YouChoose overdraft

Card Replacement Fee - $10.00

We will charge you this fee if you request a replacement card.

Direct Debit Dishonour Fee - $25.00

We may charge you this fee if we do not honour a direct debit out of your Overdraft Account because it would mean you exceed your Overdraft Limit.

International ATM Withdrawal Fee - $6.00

We will charge you this fee for every ATM transaction made at an overseas ATM machine. Also every international ATM withdrawal will also have a currency conversion.

Recovery Costs – Actual Costs

We will charge you any costs charged by third parties relating to this Agreement (e.g. legal provider). We can provide copies of the invoices on request.