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Heartland Bank Rural Loans Customer Story

While finishing lambs isn’t my main source of income, my wife and I enjoy managing it as a side business on our small 32 hectare block. We also supply Texel lambs from our stud to Euro Deli Meats in Christchurch.

I’m a spraying contractor by trade, but we are well set up to stock lambs as the land is well irrigated and, over the past few years, we’ve been increasing the number we purchase.

Selling feed for silage has been a key source of income for us, but the downturn in the dairy milk payout meant we were unable to sell much this year. The surplus led us to investigate buying more lambs than usual, and when we saw the ad for Heartland’s Open for Livestock loan we decided to go for it.

We kept a close eye on the market and managed to buy an extra 260 lambs for $75 per head. We have been finishing them up to approximately 50kg live weight and it has definitely paid off – the price of lamb has increased and we are getting between $140 to $150 a head!

Overall, it was a smart move and we would recommend both the product and the process. It was quick and simple and, best of all, had no stock firm limitations. Some other lending bodies will only lend money for stock on the condition that you buy through their selected channels. With the Heartland Open for Livestock loan, I could buy from whoever I wanted and that’s what secured us such a good deal.

- Leen Dekker, owns a 32 hectare block near Ashburton, Canterbury

Common Questions

Our interest rates are based on your individual situation; this will range from 7.5% p.a to 16% p.a.
Your livestock invoice can be sent to [email protected]
The amount of time it takes to set up your loan account depends on how soon we receive your documentation back. Once received we will immediately set up your loan.

No, the online application is one part of the process designed to reduce the amount of paperwork you need to fill out.

When you apply online, a Rural Manager will call you to talk through your options including our fees, interest rate and documentation needed.

If your application is approved you will receive a loan document that once you accept and sign, will finalise your application.

You will not incur any fees until your first livestock invoice is paid by us.

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