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Opening doors to dreams

Sally* and Steve* loved their Auckland home, and intended to stay in it forever. So, it is no surprise that they wanted to ensure it was beautiful and comfortable to live in for years to come. Sadly, when the couple decided it was time to renovate, they realised they didn’t have quite enough cash to make it the home of their dreams.

Fortunately, Sally and Steve had recently seen a Heartland Reverse Mortgage ad on TV. After some research online, they decided to get in touch with the team at Heartland to discuss their options.

Steve explained that with the help of a Heartland Reverse Mortgage Consultant, they found the application and drawdown process easy and faster than expected. “The consultant spoke eye to eye with us – she was comforting and kind. It didn’t seem like a job to her, it felt like she was just there helping people.”

Their Reverse Mortgage Consultant reviewed their needs, age and value of their home and recommended they initially draw down less money than they had originally wanted.

With a more modest amount than they originally thought they would need to borrow; Sally and Steve were able to achieve everything they wanted. They refenced the whole property, repainted their home and the tired-looking garage sleepout, and sparked new life into their garden.

After spending more time enjoying their newly renovated home and growing older, Sally and Steve realised they needed a place that was more accessible for their needs. The couple then decided to sell up and move to a smaller property that would be more manageable for them in the future. After speaking with their consultant, they reapplied for a Heartland Reverse Mortgage and used those funds to put a deposit on a new home that better suited their needs. They then put their home on the market, sold the house for a profit, and repaid the reverse mortgage.

“The most important thing is that the reverse mortgage lifted a burden,” said Steve. “We were trying to make our funds go further, but when we spoke to Heartland it took a heavy financial burden off. We realised we only needed to borrow a modest amount to live more comfortably in our home. The reverse mortgage helped us to tidy up our home, and eventually sell it for a profit.”

“Heartland was there to help us open doors to our dreams.”

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

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