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Because your
time matters

Say kia ora to going mobile. Take care of your accounts on the go with the Heartland Mobile App.

  • Open new accounts

    In real time without leaving the app.

  • Personalise

    Change the text size, colour theme and account names to suit you.

  • Notifications

    Get personalised messages with information, updates and promotions.

Let’s get mobile

We’re always thinking of ways to let you bank smarter and easier.

We have some neat features to help you do this.

  • Personalise your app with a light or dark theme
  • Download statements*
  • Reset your password without having to call us*
  • Rename your accounts
  • Open savings accounts from the app
  • Check your balances whenever you like
  • Login with Face ID on iPhone X and later, and fingerprint on supported devices
  • Choose what to do when your Term Deposit matures
  • Transfer money between your Heartland accounts
  • Make payments securely

Plus, heaps of cool new features coming soon! Check out The List.

* If you have dual authorisation or multiple customers linked to your account, you may not be able to access these features

Supported products

Here are the Heartland accounts and loans you can currently view or manage from the app:

  • Direct Call Account
  • YouChoose
  • Term Deposits
  • Everyday Account
  • Savings Optimiser
  • Revolving Credit
  • PIE Funds*
  • Vehicle Loans*
  • Personal Loans*
  • Rural Loans*
  • Business Loans*
  • Home Loans
* View only

How to get started

Step 1
Check you are registered for internet banking and have a valid user ID and password.

Step 2
Head over to Google Play or the Apple App Store and download the app.

Step 3
Log in using your existing internet banking user ID and password.

Step 4
You’re ready to start using the Heartland Mobile App.

Not registered? Please complete the Internet Banking Registration form and email it to [email protected], visit one of our branches or contact us on 0800 85 2020.

The List

The Heartland Mobile App is a work in progress. Our customers have told us what features they would like to see next, and we'll be working hard on this list in the coming months, and posting updates here.

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback. We're always open for more - drop us a line at [email protected] with what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see next.

PIN login

Launched! For supported devices, use a PIN to log in to the app to save time.

Account switching

Launched! If you have more than one customer linked to your user ID, now you can switch between them without logging off and on again.

Quick balances

Launched! For supported devices, view your balances from the login screen without having to log in.

View and reinvest Term PIE accounts

View Term PIE accounts

Reinvest Term PIE accounts

View Term PIE accounts launched! Access balance and transaction history of your Term PIE accounts. Now we're working on giving you the ability to reinvest your Term PIE accounts.

View Cash PIE accounts

Launched! Access balance and transaction history of your Cash PIE accounts.

Download account statements

Launched! Download account statements from the app.

Reset your forgotten password

Launched! Reset your password through the app if you forget it.

Update your tax details

Update your tax details at any time through the app.

Download documents

Launched! Download certain lending, funding, YouChoose and Term Deposit statements from the app.

Fingerprint login

Launched! For supported devices, use a fingerprint to log in to the app to save time.

Search transactions

Being able to search within a list of transactions can help keep track of your finances.

Automatic payments

Launched! Set up automatic payments from your YouChoose, call or revolving credit account.

View transaction references

Launched! View your transaction references on the account summary screen.


Launched! Setting account nicknames in the app will make managing multiple accounts simpler.

Change password

Being able to reset your password in the app is a basic feature which we recognise as a must-have.

View upcoming payments

View all your upcoming payments in one place - including one-off payments and automatic payments.

View loan balances

Launched! View your car and personal loan balances through the app.

Share payment confirmation

Launched! Share your payment confirmation via SMS, email or more as proof of payment in the app.

Make remember user ID optional

Launched! Some of you have told us you would like to be able to save your user ID on the login screen, and others have said they'd prefer it wasn't saved. So we've made this optional via a tickbox.

Adjustable font size

Launched! Font size can now be adjusted in the Settings menu to make the app more comfortable to use on some devices.

Pending transactions

The ability to see pending transactions that are yet to be processed in your account transaction list.

Export transactions

Launched! Download a file (CSV) of all transactions for an account at the click of a button.
Available only on Heartland Digital.

Copy and share account numbers

Copy account numbers for pasting elsewhere

Share account numbers with your contacts

Launched! Copy and share your account numbers by tapping the account number on the account summary screen.

Transfer funds between accounts

Customers can now transfer to and from most Heartland accounts, including Direct Call, YouChoose, Revolving Credit Home Loan and more.

Update contact details

Launched! Change your email, address and phone number through the app.

Choose between a dark or light theme

Launched! You can now choose between dark and light themes in the Settings menu to further personalise your Heartland Mobile App experience.

Heartland Digital

Heartland Digital is a website that provides the same features as the Heartland Mobile App.

To start using Heartland Digital, just log in with the same user ID and password you use for the Heartland Mobile App and Internet Banking.

Supports Safari 10.1, Microsoft Edge 79, Mozilla Firefox 52 and Google Chrome 57 and later. Mobile and tablet supports iOS 11 and Android 5.1 and later.

Questions? We have answers

If your accounts are set up so that someone else needs to authorise your payment, you will not be able to finalise the payment in the app. Instead, you will get a message noting that the payment request will need to be authorised by the other authorised user/signatory in internet banking.

Payments to other banks made before 7pm Monday to Friday are processed that night, otherwise the next business night.

Payments and transfers between Heartland accounts are processed immediately.

No, the passcode functionality on internet banking is not applicable in the app.
If you’ve set up your security questions on the mobile app, click on ‘forgot PIN’ or ‘forgot password’ in your app log in screen. This will prompt you to enter your security questions and unlock your app. If you haven’t set your questions up yet, get in touch between 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday on 0800 86 88 84. We’ll ask a few questions to confirm your identity then reset your password.

If you haven’t set up your security questions yet, when you’re back in the app click on the menu button on the top left. In the menu you will see ‘Security Questions’. Click on this and enter the answers to your questions.
Please send us a secure message or call us on 0800 86 88 84 (8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday).
Your login information for the app is the same user ID that you use to access internet banking. Your password will also be the same as the one you use for internet banking.

Got some feedback?

We'd love to hear your feedback on our app, including any features you'd like to see in future.

Please use the online form and one of team members will be in touch via email within the next working day.

Can't find what you're looking for?

We have a great team standing by to answer any of your investment questions.

Contact support team

Heartland Bank terms apply: to use the Heartland Mobile app you must be a Heartland Bank internet banking customer. Please complete the registration form and email it to [email protected], or contact us on 0800 85 2020.