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Transfer Funds

Transfer money between your Heartland accounts

Pay Someone

Pay someone new or one of your saved payees

Pay Multiple Payees

A great option if you have to pay more than one payment to your saved payees

Pay Nominated Account

Make a payment to your pre-loaded nominated payee (available on selected Heartland accounts)

Payee Maintenance

Add new, modify or delete payees (either personal or bill payees)

Bulk Transactions

Use this option when you have a payment file to upload for processing

Authorising Payments

If your payments need to be authorised by another person

System Requirements

Technical requirements for our internet banking service

Online Services Terms of use

Terms and conditions for Heartland internet banking

Internet Banking Common Questions

Payments to other banks made before 7pm Monday to Friday are processed that night, otherwise the next business night.

Payments and transfers between Heartland accounts are processed immediately.

Payments to other Heartland customers using the transfer funds, Pay Someone or Pay Nominated Account options will be processed immediately 24/7.

When you transfer funds between your Heartland accounts using the ‘transfer funds’ menu option, the transaction is processed immediately. The balances of the affected accounts will be updated at the time the transfer is processed.

Please complete the internet banking registration form and email it to [email protected], or contact us on 0800 227 227.
If you forget your password or your Customer ID, please call us on 0800 227 227 (8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday). We’ll need to ask you a few questions to confirm your identity before telling you your Customer ID or resetting your password over the phone.

Payments to other New Zealand banks made via internet banking on a non-business day will be processed on the next business day (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays). For example, if you make a payment on a Sunday the payment will be debited from your account on the Monday morning.

Payments to other Heartland customers using the Pay Someone or Pay Nominated Account options will be processed immediately 24/7.

Sorry, at this stage you’re unable to update your personal or address details through internet banking – instead you can send us a secure message, write to us, or phone us on 0800 227 227.

When logging into internet banking, if you enter your password incorrectly three times you’ll be locked out of the system. This is a precaution we’ve put in place for security reasons to prevent unauthorised access attempts.

If you’re locked out, simply call us on 0800 227 227 (8:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday). We’ll need to ask you a few questions to confirm your identity before resetting your password over the phone.

If the payment is a one-off payment and there are insufficient available funds on the planned payment date, your payment will not be processed. If the payment is an Automatic Payment it will retry again on the next business day (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays).

When you use internet banking to process transactions on your account, you’ll be asked to confirm your transaction details before the transaction is completed. This confirmation step allows you the chance to check the transaction details are correct, and helps minimise the risk of an error being made. Once you confirm a transaction for processing that day, it can’t be cancelled.

Future dated one-off payments can be cancelled online on the ‘Pending oneoff Payments’ option on the Payments menu.

Automatic payments can be cancelled online by selecting the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ option on the Payments menu.

Yes the passcode can be sent to international mobile numbers. If you are not receiving the passcode please contact us.
The data travelling across the internet between your computer and our internet banking system is encrypted. This protects your data from other people as it travels across the internet, and is secure.

Your login details, which you will receive after you have signed up.

A computer with internet access and the latest version of your preferred browser (most computers and internet connections are suitable for Internet Banking).

A mobile phone number to complete the passcode verification required for certain payments.

If additional people need access to your account(s) please call us on 0800 227 227.

Yes. We have a digital certificate verifying that our internet banking site is encrypted and secure.
It’s not compulsory to change your password, but we recommend that you do change it at least every three months. Your password is your “key” to internet banking, so it’s very important that you take precautions to keep it safe – especially if using public access computers.

Your internet banking password must be a minimum of six characters and a maximum of twelve characters and should include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. The password is case sensitive, which means that “A” is different to “a”.

The password you choose for internet banking should be different to any other passwords you use e.g. it should not be the same as your email password, auction site passwords and so on.

You also should not use a password that relates to any easily obtained personal information about you e.g. family, street or pet names, your birthday. Nor should you use any obvious or sequential numbers such as 54321, or repeating numbers such as 22222.

The passcode verification is a mandatory step for every customer. Unfortunately we cannot turn this security feature off on an individual basis.
You can make payments to your nominated account on internet banking using the Pay Nominated Account option under the Payments menu. For more information please read the Pay Nominated account guide. This does not require a passcode.
You may be using a browser and/or version that does not support our internet banking service. Please ensure you are using the latest version of your browser. For more information check our System Requirements guide.
Automatic payments only get processed on business days. So if a payment falls on a non-business day, the payment will be made on the next business day (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays).
Yes the passcode will still be sent. To ensure you receive it please enable roaming on your phone.

As well as protecting your password, you need to protect your Internet Banking session. That’s why we have a time out in place in case you forget to log off – after seven minutes of inactivity you’ll be automatically logged off.

However this does not reduce or remove your liability for ensuring that appropriate personal security procedures are followed. You should always log off from your internet banking session when you’ve finished. This is especially important if you are sharing a computer with other people.

You can now access your Heartland Business Call and/or Heartland Direct Call account from the same login as your other Heartland accounts. Please contact us on 0800 227 227 to set this up for you.
You can view previous transactions by selecting the Historical Account Activity option under the Accounts menu, or contact us and we can provide you a copy of your transactions.
Future-dated transactions will be processed on your account on the date you specify on the transaction (unless this is a non-business day) provided you have sufficient funds in your account on the date to process the transaction.
It’s easy to change your internet banking password at any time online. Simply log in and choose the ‘Change Password’ option available by clicking on your name.
Transactions are processed as they are entered, so your last entered transaction should have gone through. You should double check your account balances, and account activity to confirm.
No. Automatic payments can only be set-up to start on the next business day (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays).
When setting up an Automatic Payment (AP) you will need to enter an expiry date. If you are unsure what date you want the AP to finish on load a date well into the future. The expiry date can be set 10 years in advance.
For extra security we have introduced a passcode verification step. When making payments via the Pay Someone or Pay Multiple Payees screens you will be sent a passcode to your mobile phone via SMS. You will need to enter the passcode on the screen within 5 minutes. Remember to enter the passcode exactly how you receive it, its case sensitive. It is important to tell us if you change your mobile number, or any of your other contact details. If you don’t have a mobile phone or coverage please call us on 0800 227 227.
After you have completed the upload of your bulk transactions file it is important to check the processing status to ensure there are no errors and you have available funds. For more information please read our Bulk Transactions guide.

If for any reason you believe someone knows your internet banking password, you should change it immediately. You can do this online.

You should also advise us by calling 0800 227 227, or contacting your local retail office.

We recommend that you also check your balances and transactions to ensure everything is in order.

We're here to help.

If you have a question that hasn't been answered above, call us on 0800 227 227.

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