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Welcome to Heartland Digital

Experience the updated look and feel of Heartland Digital. Heartland Digital gives you the features of the Heartland Mobile App on your web browser. Enjoy the flexibility to access your accounts across your digital devices.

Heartland Digital login screen displayed on desktop, tablet and mobile

Get started with Heartland Digital

Heartland Digital has a similar look and feel to the Heartland Mobile App and is accessible across most modern web browsers.

To start using Heartland Digital, just log in with the same user ID and password you use for the Heartland Mobile App on your device of choice.

If you need help logging in, call us on 0800 85 20 20 or email us.

Heartland Digital displayed on desktop

What can you do with Heartland Digital?

Heartland Digital is part of our long-term focus to make banking faster and simpler, so you have more accessibility and flexibility with your money. Heartland Digital gives you the power to assist and complement different aspects of your banking.

Savings & Investments

  • Open a new term deposit, call account or savings account.
  • View the balances and transactions of your term deposit, call account, everyday account, PIE account and savings account.
  • Transfer money from your call account to your nominated account.
  • View and manage automatic payments on your call, everyday or savings account.
  • Change term deposit reinvestment instructions five days prior to maturity.
  • Send us a secure message.
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  • Apply for a new YouChoose account − our latest savings account that comes with an optional overdraft.
  • View your YouChoose account balance and transactions.
  • Make payments from your YouChoose account to any New Zealand bank account.
  • Set up and manage payees for your YouChoose account
  • Pay for things you love with Online EFTPOS
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Business Revolving Credit

  • View your revolving credit facility balances and transactions.
  • Pay your nominated account on the go.
  • Set up and manage automatic payments.
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Heartland Digital displayed on tablet and mobile

Everyone's talking about Heartland Digital

Heartland Digital was designed with customers in mind and we are constantly working to ensure that we provide the best experience possible.

There will be times when you will need to log into Internet Banking to complete some of your banking needs.

Heartland Digital gives you the power to view your Term Deposits, Direct Call, Business Call, Everyday, Everyday Business, Saver, Notice Saver, Revolving Credit, Cash PIE, PIE Term Deposits, and YouChoose accounts.

Take a look at the table below to get an idea of what they both can do.

  • Currently available
  • On the horizon

Internet banking

Heartland Digital /
Mobile App

  • View your account balances
  • View a high-level summary of all your accounts
  • View your loan balances
  • View your loan transactions
  • View total balance across your saving and lending accounts
    Digital only
  • Make payments from supported accounts
  • Manage automatic payments
  • Manage payees
  • Make future-dated payments
  • View future-dated payments
  • Delete future-dated payments
  • Make bulk payments
  • Pay multiple payees
  • Authorise payments
  • Pay and manage bill payees
  • Pay with online EFTPOS
    YouChoose only
  • Send and receive secure messages
  • Send attachments
  • Currently available
  • On the horizon

How to get started

Got questions? We've got answers.

Below is everything you need to know to help you use Heartland Digital.

Heartland Digital can be accessed from the following browsers across your digital devices: Safari 10.1+, Microsoft Edge 79+, Mozilla Firefox 52+ and Google Chrome 57+.
Heartland Digital is supported by any iOS 11+ or Android 5.1+ mobile or tablet device.
Heartland Digital supports the same accounts as Internet Banking.
No. Heartland Digital is accessible across all supported web browsers on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

No, Heartland Digital is available through a supported web browser without having to download an app.

If you access your accounts on your phone often, you can download the Heartland Mobile App, which comes with PIN, fingerprint login, and Quick Balances features for supported devices, so you can easily manage your money on the go.

Your login credentials for Heartland Digital are the same as the Mobile App and Internet Banking. You do not require a new password or user ID for Heartland Digital.

If you need help logging in email us at [email protected] or contact us on 0800 85 20 20.

Heartland Digital is available to customers who have access to Internet Banking.

Heartland Digital has been created to bring the functionality of the Heartland Mobile App to your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet, and you may find it quicker and easier to use for your everyday banking tasks.

Heartland Digital was designed with customers in mind and we are constantly working to improve it to ensure that we provide customers with the best experience possible.

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