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Term Loan

Whether you’re buying a business, purchasing a new asset, or just need an extra boost, a Heartland Term Loan could help give you the cash injection you’re after.

With term loans up to 5 years, and the flexibility to adjust your monthly repayments, we’re here to help you build your business.

How does Heartland’s Term Loan work?

To help you take control of your finances, Heartland Term Loans allow the flexibility to adjust your loan term as you go.

We'll agree together on a starting regular repayment amount. If you ever want to pay more or less, or make a lump sum repayment, just get in touch.

If your application is approved, we will set a minimum repayment amount based on a 5-year term. However, you have the option to make higher repayment amounts (and so repay your loan sooner), knowing you'll have the flexibility to lower those payments down to that minimum at any time, with no additional loan agreements or costs. Simply give us two working days' notice.

You can also increase your repayment amount, make additional repayments or make a full repayment at any time at no charge, again with two days' notice.
Heartland offers loan terms of up to five years with regular principal and interest repayments, except Professional Fee Finance which offers loan terms for 6-12 months only.
Yes, we can look into this for you. If you’d like a term loan longer than five years, get in touch at [email protected] and one of the team can assist.
If you choose to lower your repayments for your Heartland Term Loan, it will take you longer to repay your loan. Lowering your repayments may assist your cashflow, as you won't have to pay as much as you currently do each week, fortnight or month. As your situation changes, you can also choose to make additional prepayments and pay your loan off sooner. We encourage you to do this if you can.

It's important to note that lower repayments will also impact the total amount you pay as interest accrues over the lifetime of the loan. The longer it takes for you to repay your loan, the greater the amount of interest you'll need to pay.
We want to make banking easier for our customers. If you have an existing business loan with another bank, you can consolidate your debts into one. We'll ask you for more details in your Heartland Term Loan application.
Interest rates start from 8.70% p.a. and depend on a range of factors. Once you have completed the online application, one of our lending specialists will discuss interest rates and repayments with you.
The minimum Heartland Term Loan amount is $10,000 (except Professional Fee Finance, which offers a minimum loan amount of $5000), and there is no maximum. However, we will need additional information and partial security for any amount above $100,000. Any amount above $250,000 will require full security.
You don’t have to bank with Heartland in order to take out one of our Term Loans. They’re designed to work in conjunction with your existing everyday business bank account.
Lending criteria, fees and charges apply

Are you eligible?

Find out if you meet the criteria below!

  • I'm a registered business, partnership, sole trader or a simple trust.
  • I'm a NZ citizen or permanent resident.
  • I have valid ID and proof of my address.
  • My business is located in New Zealand.
  • My credit looks good – I have never been bankrupt and I haven't had any unpaid defaults in the past five years.

Estimate your Term Loan repayments

Apply in minutes, get a preliminary decision in seconds.

If your application is successful, your interest rate may be different to the rate used in this calculation. An establishment fee applies to each loan and is not included in total loan cost above.

What is the process for getting a Heartland Term Loan?


Apply online Complete your application in just three minutes from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.


Provide your documents Provide supporting documents and information to finalise your application.


We’ll verify your information We’ll verify the information you’ve given us and conduct any further checks required.


Verify your identity We’ll verify your identity with our facial recognition technology.


We’ll deposit your funds Once approved, we’ll deposit your funds into your nominated account.

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