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Term Deposits

A Heartland Term Deposit* is a fixed interest rate, fixed term investment, which provides you with a fixed return.

A Heartland Term Deposit offers you:

A competitive interest rate

  • Heartland Bank's attractive deposit rates reward you with higher interest than an on-call account, and provide you with a fixed return.
  • Interest rates are tiered, so the more money you deposit with Heartland Bank, the more you'll earn.
  • Click here to see our latest rates.

Flexible investment options

  • You choose how long you want to invest for – with terms ranging from 30 days to five years.
  • Interest payment options are flexible and range from monthly or three-monthly, to yearly or on maturity (depending on the term and amount of your investment).
  • You can choose to have your interest reinvested and compounded, or paid straight into your bank account.

You pay no fees

  • You won't pay any fees, so you maximise your return from day one.

Opening a Heartland Bank Account is Easy

Visit your local Heartland Bank branch or contact us today to chat about which account or deposit is right for you, or click here for a copy of our Disclosure Statement or Term Deposits Fact Sheet and application form.