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A number of documents are available for you to download as Adobe PDF files. To open these documents you must have version 3 or later of the Adobe Reader software installed. 


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Heartland PIE Fund Financial Statements

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QFE Disclosure Statement

Standard & Poor's Ratings Reports on Heartland Bank

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Rural Finance

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Business/Rural Newsletters

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HNZL Shareholders

Click here to view Heartland New Zealand Limited's (Heartland Bank's ultimate parent company) Documents, Results and Reports page.

Heartland Bank is a subsidiary of Heartland New Zealand Limited (HNZ). HNZ does not guarantee the obligations of Heartland Bank in relation to deposits. HNZ shares are listed on the NZX Main Board. The NZX Main Board is a registered market operated by NZX Limited, a registered exchange, regulated under the Securities Markets Act 1988.  NZX Limited accepts no responsibility for any statement on this website.

If you are unable to download this information please contact us on 0800 26 27 22, or email us and one of our team will contact you.