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Pay for things you love with Online EFTPOS.

Use your phone to buy things on the go with Heartland Online EFTPOS

You've got the power.

Online EFTPOS gives you the power to pay for things online from participating stores without the need for a debit card or credit card. It’s safe, fast and secure. All you need to do is approve the purchase from your Heartland Mobile App.

Online EFTPOS logo at the checkout of a participating online store. No card details required.

It’s easy as to set up

You’re automatically set up on your Heartland Mobile App if you have a YouChoose account.

There are four simple steps to using Online EFTPOS. It rolls into one as it all happens in real time from your transactional account such as YouChoose.

Once you’re at the checkout, select the option to pay with Online EFTPOS.

Select Heartland Bank as the bank you want to pay from, enter your mobile number and send the payment request.

You’ll then be asked to log into your Heartland Mobile App to approve the payment.

Once that’s done your purchase is complete.

Who is Paymark?

Paymark is New Zealand’s leading payment innovator who owns and facilitates Online EFTPOS. They’re a specialist in designing, building and delivering payments that help Kiwi businesses succeed.

Have any questions?

We expect you might have some curly questions, so we’ve taken the time to answer a handful of them below.

If your accounts are set up so that someone else needs to authorise your payment, you will not be able to finalise the payment in the app. Instead, you will get a message noting that the payment request will need to be authorised by the other authorised user/signatory in internet banking.
Online EFTPOS is very secure. You approve each payment yourself from the Heartland Mobile App.
You need a couple of things first. You need to be a Heartland Bank customer. You’ll also need to have internet banking with us and the Heartland Mobile App downloaded to your phone. Finally, you’ll need to have a Heartland Bank YouChoose account with us as it allows you to make transactions via Online EFTPOS.
No catches here. There are no transaction or opt in fees.
You can use it anywhere as many times you want without going over a $3,000 per day limit.
Your login information for the app is the same user ID that you use to access internet banking. Your password will also be the same as the one you use for internet banking.
If the funds are available, the money goes through right then and there. No hassle.
Not just yet, however there are 100s of clever retailers who already have Online EFTPOS with more joining the revolution all the time. Just look out for Online EFTPOS when you’re at the checkout.
Yes. A merchant can refund you via Online EFTPOS and the money will be credited to your account straight away.
You have four minutes from the time of selecting the Online EFTPOS option to log into your Heartland Mobile App to approve the transaction.
Yes. All you need to do is go into settings on your Heartland Mobile App and turn Online EFTPOS off.

Make the most out of YouChoose with Online EFTPOS. Pay for the things you love without the plastic.

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