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Through MARAC, we’ve been providing car loans for Kiwis for over 40 years. Whether you're purchasing through a private sale or one of our dealers, we're passionate about helping you find your next vehicle.

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The actual interest rate charged on a loan made to you will depend on your personal circumstances and will be between 8.95% to 15.95% per annum. To determine your interest rate we look at things like your credit history and income. See here for more information.

The total amount payable will be $18,142.80.

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Your repayments have been calculated at the selected interest rate. However, if your application is successful, your interest rate and repayment amount may be different to those shown above. Our interest rates vary between 8.95% and 15.95% p.a. and your interest rate will depend on your personal circumstances as explained here. A $229 establishment fee and $10.35 PPSR fee applies to each loan. The repayment amount shown above includes repayment of that fee. Please call us on 0800 85 20 20 for more information.

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One of our lending specialists will be in contact within the next 30 minutes, or the next working day (if application received outside business hours). If you need to contact us before this, please call us on 0800 85 30 30.

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One of our lending specialists will be in contact within two hours from receiving your application or the next working day.

We can also provide a conditional approval if you’re still looking for your next car.

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We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products to give you peace of mind as you drive away in your new vehicle.

Lifestyle Protection Insurance

Covers you in case you are unable to work because of unexpected events including life (death), illness, accident or redundancy.

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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance*

Cover protects you in case your car has an unforeseen mechanical breakdown.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP)

Covers the difference (the GAP) between what your vehicle is worth and how much you owe– not just the value of the car!

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Motor Vehicle Insurance**

Cover for your car. In the event of an accident you know that you'll have the right level of protection to cover damages to your car and also any damages you may cause to someone else's car or property.

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Lifestyle Protection Insurance and Guaranteed Asset Protection are provided and underwritten by MARAC Insurance Ltd. For Rating and Solvency information click here.
*Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is provided by MARAC Insurance Ltd and underwritten by DPL Insurance Ltd.
**Motor Vehicle Insurance is arranged by Monument Insurance (NZ) Limited (a related company of the Crombie Lockwood Group), and underwritten by IAG New Zealand Ltd.

Questions? We have answers

Yes. To find out about our insurance products click here.
For the full fee schedule, rates and terms click here.
Yes. Give our car loans team a call on 0800 85 20 20, and we’ll see what we can do to change your loan to suit your circumstances (there may be a fee to restructure your loan).
The security will be the car you’ve purchased, although we may ask for additional security and/or a guarantor.
We will be in contact within two hours from receiving your application, but this might be the next working day depending on when your application is received.
$5,000 is the minimum amount that can be borrowed.
Yes – We know that some people like to know how much they can borrow before they go shopping for a car. You can apply for the loan as normal and, if approved, you can use the approval confirmation with a MARAC or Heartland-authorised motor vehicle dealer. If you’re organising a private sale, we will pay the private seller on your behalf.
Yes, you need to be at least 18 years of age.
Yes – If you want to increase the amount, give us a call on 0800 85 20 20. If approved, we can confirm this over the phone and you won’t need to fill in another loan application.
No, the minimum driver’s licence we require is a restricted licence