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4 ways to prep your car for NZ summer

Summer is here once again, and Kiwis are getting out and about in the sunshine. Now that the weather is warmer, you and your whānau will probably be heading to the beach, going on road trips, and using your car more often to get around.

Seasons in New Zealand can be extreme, and your vehicle will need different care now than it did over winter. Here are four things you should do to prep your car for the summer.

1. Check your car’s liquids

A vehicle’s liquids can dry up more quickly in the summer heat – and there are lots of different fluids helping your car run smoothly.

to make sure your engine stays cool while you’re out in the heat. Also have a quick look at your oil – if it’s running low, your engine won’t be properly lubricated and you could risk damage to your engine (not a fun turn of events

You’ll also need to check your battery fluid, which you can read about in tip #3. Finally, double check the wiper fluid to make sure you’ve got enough to wipe away any windshield grime, bugs or sand your car picks up on your summer adventures.

2. Check your car’s tyres

It’s a good idea to check your vehicle’s tyres, both for pressure and wear. It’s easy to do by following the steps below.

3. Check your car’s battery

To begin with, check to make sure the liquid in your battery hasn’t evaporated, as this could cause your battery to fail. You can use distilled water to top up the battery liquid – have a look at this step-by-step instruction page if you need help.

In addition to checking the fluid in your car battery, make sure to give the terminals a good clean, as they may have collected dirt and mould over winter. A clean, liquid-full battery is a happy battery!

4. Check your car’s lights

Turn your car’s lights on and walk around the car to make sure all the lights are working and aren’t hazy – make sure to test out the brakes and indicator and have someone else check that the lights are all functional.

Beyond these four tips, it’s a good idea to get a service for your car if you’ve been a bit lax on your car maintenance throughout the year. Making sure your car is summer-ready is especially important if you’re going to be taking it out for long drives in the heat, driving off road or weighing it down with extra bags, gear or passengers.

Got big plans for the summer and not sure your current ride is up for the job? If you’re thinking of upgrading your car to a bigger, newer or safer model, apply online for finance with Heartland/MARAC and get a decision in minutes – check out the application and apply here.

Happy holidays from the team at Heartland Bank, and have a great summer!

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