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HNZ Shareholder FAQs

Are Heartland New Zealand Limited shares listed on the NZX Main Board?
Yes, Heartland New Zealand Limited shares are quoted on the NZX Main Board and are currently included in the NZX50 Index.
What is Heartland New Zealand Limited’s ticker on the NZX Main Board?
What is Heartland New Zealand Limited’s current share price?
Heartland New Zealand Limited’s current share price can be found here.
Who is Heartland New Zealand Limited’s share registrar?

Our share registrar is Link Market Services Limited. Link Market Services can be contacted at:

Link Market Services
PO Box 91976, Auckland 1142
Telephone: 09 375 5998
Fax: 09 375 5990
Email: lmsenquiries@linkmarketservices.com

How can I buy or sell shares in Heartland New Zealand Limited?
You will need to contact a sharebroker or financial adviser to buy HNZ shares. A sharebroker will explain how you can buy shares. If you do not have a broker, you can view a list of brokers in your area on the NZX website.
How can I update my address, name, bank account or other details relating to my shareholding?
You can update these details and others online through the Link Market Services website. Link Market Services provides answers to FAQs explaining how to update your shareholding details, which can be accessed by clicking here.
What is the dividend policy of Heartland New Zealand Limited?
Heartland New Zealand Limited (HNZ) will determine dividends (both interim and final) based on its net profit after tax, subject to maintaining a prudent level of capital for its needs.  HNZ's capital needs will vary from time to time, depending on a range of factors (including regulatory and credit rating requirements, general economic conditions, current and expected growth and the mix of business).  A key objective is to ensure an appropriate balance between maximising shareholder returns, and protecting the interests of depositors through prudent capital management..
How often does Heartland New Zealand Limited report its results and when will this occur?
Heartland New Zealand Limited’s balance date is 30 June and the company reports six monthly. The annual result is announced in August and the interim result is announced in February.
Where can I get a copy of the annual report?
Annual and interim reports can be downloaded from the Reports and Results section of this website.
Is there any limit on how many Heartland New Zealand Limited shares I can hold?

Under the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act, a person must obtain the prior written consent of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand before acquiring an interest of 10% or more in Heartland New Zealand Limited (HNZ). 

The Takeovers Code prohibits a person from becoming the holder of more than 20% of the shares of HNZ, other than in accordance with the provisions of that code (which prescribes procedures for partial or full offers)

Under the Financial Markets Conduct Act, there are disclosure obligations for any person whose relevant interest in HNZ shares reaches a 5% threshold (with ongoing disclosure obligations for any subsequent movements of 1% or more in that substantial holding).

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