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Heartland Bank at a glance

Principal activities Specialist banking products for Households, SME and Rural sectors.
Heritage Heartland Bank's roots stretch back to 1875.
Credit rating

Heartland Bank has a credit rating of BBB (Outlook Negative) from Standard & Poor's, and a credit rating of BBB (Outlook Stable) from Fitch Ratings.

NZX Main Board listed parent

Heartland Bank's parent, Heartland New Zealand Limited (HNZ), is listed on the NZX Main Board, and has approximately 8,000 shareholders.  Having an NZX Main Board listed parent provides the potential to access capital.

Nationwide footprint

Heartland Bank has a wide network of branches and offices throughout New Zealand.

Lending diversity

All of Heartland Bank's lending is on New Zealand based assets or businesses, and is spread across the country and over many sectors.